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Piano Repair


The need for piano repairs exists across a broad spectrum. A piano is a complex instrument consisting of furniture, super structure, and a mechanical action. Pianos are made from a range of materials, including: hardwood, softwood, exotic veneers, leather, felts, brass, nickel, copper, tempered steel, adhesives, fasteners, and more. A service technician must not only be familiar with piano design and mechanics but also working with these materials.

KING'S PIANO Company offers:

  • Repair services covering all aspects of a piano

  • All services are provide by us in your home or in our shop in a timely manner

  • Any job is welcome no matter how small or how big

  • Parts we cannot get we custom make

It is always a good idea that a piano tuner also be trained as a piano service technician since they will confront piano repairs on a daily basis. I consider it a travesty when I see customers charged for services that only fall into the scope of what the technician knows and not what the instrument requires. Think about that statement. Many times techs learn certain things but do not have the full picture. These partial bits of information can be viewed as a limited inventory of product that one is eager to sell you yet is not what you need to keep your instrument performing properly. I say this because I see, nearly every day, where money is wasted by poor judgment and limited abilities.

We assess repairs frugally as if it is our own money we are spending and will never over-sell. We are always willing to roll up our sleves and do whatever the job requires.

Piano Restoration

Piano restoration is broken down into two categories: Reconditioning and Rebuilding

Piano Reconditioning is repairing existing parts and bringing maintenance up to date.

Piano Rebuilding involves complete restoration of the instrument to return it to like new condition.


Our extensive training and decades of experience enable us to handle all aspects of piano restoration in our own shop. We do not contract any aspect of work on your piano to another shop.

All jobs are assessed for value and you will be given a neutral, unbiased opinion as to whether or not you are making a good investment. I want to be sure that once complete your instrument provides you and your family with a lifetime of service. If your instrument is not a good candidate for restoration, considering both quality and economics, I will not contract the job with you.

Restoration Services offered by KING'S PIANO Company:

Piano Reconditioning

  • Grand and Upright Action Repair and Reconditioning

  • Bridge Replacement

  • Keyboard Repair and Restoration

  • Pitch Raising

Piano Rebuilding

  • Sound Boards

  • Pinblocks

  • Restringing

  • Cabinet Restoration

  • Action Rebuilding

All quotes are exact figures and do not change unless further work is requested by the client. References are available upon request.

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