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Unpacking A Grand

Like all other aspects of piano technology, piano moving is an art. An investment in professional piano moving is a very wise decision. Not only will it safeguard your investment but will also safeguard the well-being of yourself and your home.

Physical strength, determination, and a bribe of a six-pack of beer do not qualify most individuals to become piano movers. Granted, there are cases where this is appropriate, and can even be fun, but there are technical aspects of this job that need to be recognized. Handling instruments that are both old and new can be tricky. Old pianos have delicate veneers, loose leg mounts, and fragile finishes, whereas new pianos need to look as new once delivered as they do before moving. Most damage found on older pianos has been caused by movers, not by age.

Piano moving varies in situations such as:

  • Disassembling, packing and loading

  • Deliver below grade, above grade, multiple stories

  • Unpacking and reassembling

A trained piano mover knows how to manipulate the weight of a piano upstairs, around corners, downstairs, and rigging onto hosting apparatus.

We have moved instruments across lakes (frozen and unfrozen), suspended through the air by cranes, through mud, snow, and ice, in remote rural setting, and busy big city urbanity. One must be prepared to handle any situation without fail.

We Offer The Following Moving Services:

  • Local house-to-House

  • In-House Room-to-Room

  • Thorughout the state

  • Interstate

All pianos, any size, anywhere possible.

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